Do you agree: The out-of-date way MPs are elected to Westminster is failing voters

“It’s for the voters in any individual constituency to look at the record of their MP and decide whether they’ve got the right priorities” said Justice Secretary Dominic Raab. Voters can certainly look at the record of the MP, but as long as we have First Past the Post there is little they can do about it. As the expenses scandal in 2009, and the 2020 second jobs scandals show, far too many MPs feel safe in their seats. 

Voters shouldn’t have to elect a candidate they disagree with, to kick out an MP who is too busy with a second job to pay them attention. Sign our petition to introduce a fairer, more proportional system to elect MPs.

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Westminster is elected using a system called 'first past the post'. With this system, the link between how popular a party is at the polling booth and how many seats they get in the House of Commons is often weak and unpredictable.

Millions of people can support one party and get a single MP, while a few hundred thousand people who support a different party can get ten times as many. When Parliament doesn’t represent public opinion it has a real impact on life in Britain – it’s time we made sure seats matched votes.