First Past the Post is failing the UK

The way MPs are elected to Westminster is broken beyond repair. Unlike in most advanced democracies, millions of voters feel forced to hold their nose at the ballot box and opt for a second or third choice party. Westminster is almost alone in the out-dated way MPs are elected. There’s a better way.
It’s time to make our voices heard. Sign our petition to introduce a fairer, more proportional system to elect MPs.

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Our voting system fails at the basic task of representing voters.

We want a fairer, more proportional voting system which ensures that seats in Parliament match the way people vote. This would make sure people’s choices were fairly reflected in Parliament, and would allow everyone to vote for someone they believe in.

We call on all the party leaders to make voting reform a reality in this Parliament.


Westminster is elected using a system called 'first past the post'. With this system, the link between how popular a party is at the polling booth and how many seats they get in the House of Commons is often weak and unpredictable.

Millions of people can support one party and get a single MP, while a few hundred thousand people who support a different party can get ten times as many. When Parliament doesn’t represent public opinion it has a real impact on life in Britain – it’s time we made sure seats matched votes.