It is time to 'take back control' of the House of Lords

With MPs who were rejected by the voters sliding back into parliament, we once again we see our political honours system for what it is – nothing more than a grubby giveaway for loyal political allies and big party donors. Our legislators should be chosen and thrown out by the people, not appointed by politicians. Please sign our petition calling for an elected second chamber.

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The House of Lords is unsustainable – it’s too big, it costs too much and its members are totally unaccountable to the public.

It’s time for a fairly-elected House and let voters truly ‘take back control’.


House of Lords

In the face of yet another House of Lords scandal, we urgently need real reform of the upper chamber.

Attempts to control the size of the House of Lords via restraint in appointments has failed, the institution needs a root and branch reform.