It is time to 'take back control' of the House of Lords

Our legislators should be chosen and thrown out by the people, not appointed by politicians. Please sign our petition calling for an elected second chamber.

Petition text:

Dear Prime Minister,

In the face of yet another House of Lords scandal, we urgently need real reform of the upper chamber.

The Conservatives’ 2015 election manifesto said: “While we still see a strong case for introducing an elected element into our second chamber, this is not a priority in the next Parliament.”

The stream of allegations of misconduct and abuses of privilege mean Lords reform must now be made a priority.

The House of Lords is unsustainable – it’s too big, it costs too much and its members are totally unaccountable to the public.

It’s time to come forward with concrete proposals for a fairly-elected House and let voters truly ‘take back control’.

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