When our election rules were last properly updated in 2000 – Facebook didn't even exist. Despite recent scandals, online political campaigning remains an unregulated Wild West.

Voters on all sides deserve to know who is paying for online campaign adverts – and why we’re being targeted. It’s time we brought the law up to date so campaigns are transparent about who’s paying for our politics, and why.

Political party online spending is likely to have increased by over 50 percent in 2019 compared to 2017, with around £6 million spent on Facebook and just under £3 million on Google by the three main UK-wide parties. Who's targeting you online?

Micro targeting online adverts means you get political adverts tailored to your interests. But, as you only see the adverts targeted at you, it means campaigners can promise different, opposing, things to different people.

We can’t leave political transparency to the whim of big tech firms: it’s time for a campaign overhaul.

“The rules on campaigning need to catch up with the digital age”

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