Local councils are supposed to represent their communities. But often the make-up of council chambers fail to reflect how local people voted.

In London alone, 90% of wards with more than one councillor are represented by just one party, leaving hundreds of thousands of voters without a voice. 

It’s unfair, undemocratic and completely fails to represent the views of voters. But there is a better way. 

Northern Ireland has used the fairer and proportional Single Transferable Vote system for local elections for decades – and in 2007 Scotland joined them. Wales has given councils the right to choose.

It’s time for a proportional system where no one has to ‘hold their nose’ at the ballot box, and where there is healthy competition – rather than a politics of safe seats and ‘one-party states where everyone loses. 

It’s time for fair votes in English local government >>

"It’s time for fair votes in English local government"

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