Local elections: help change how we vote 

Northern Ireland has had proportional representation for local elections since 1973, Scotland joined them in 2007, Wales is giving councils the right to choose. Now it's time England caught up.

Councillors in England and Wales are getting elected on tiny majorities, or simply returned unopposed. But while pressure is mounting on the party leaders, it's not yet enough to make them act. 

Petition text:

Dear party leaders,

In 21st century democracies, election results should be determined by how people vote. Instead, Labour won 100% of seats in Manchester on 58% of the vote. The Conservatives won 62% of seats in Kingston on 35% of the vote. And the Liberal Democrats won 83% of seats in Sutton on 38% of the vote.

It is a basic right in our society to be able to choose who represents you. But for many people in England and Wales this is simply not the reality.

Please change the voting system for all local elections in England and Wales to the Single Transferable Vote (STV) as used in Scotland and Northern Ireland.

There is no better way to demonstrate your commitment to re-engaging people with politics. 

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