Petition: Tell the PM – No new unelected Lords

Faced with public anger at the start of the year, the Prime Minister had apparently dropped plans to pack the House of Lords with more unelected Lords. But, while the country was distracted by the Royal Wedding they released a list of 14 new Lords. Sign the petition calling for a halt to new appointments until there are plans for real reform.

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Enough is enough. There should be no new appointments until there are real plans for a fairly-elected revising chamber. 


The Prime Minister had put plans to pack the Lords with new peers on hold at the start of the year after a poll for the Electoral Reform Society poll showed four in five Conservative voters oppose it.

Rather than respect popular opinon, the government took advantage of the royal wedding and snuck in 14 new lords while the nation was distracted. We need to put a complete halt to new appointments until the house has been properly reformed.