The government have snuck a change to the way we elect our Mayors to First Past the Post, meaning less choice and a weaker voice for you

Image credit: Tim Green, Flickr, CC BY 2.0 DEED 

Mayors have always been elected using the Supplementary Vote, so voters can choose a second choice as a backup candidate.

It means more people could have a say in who the mayor will be.

But the Government snuck in a clause to impose First Past the Post on Mayoral elections as they rushed through the Elections Act in 2022.

There was no formal public consultation on the bill as a whole, voters had no say in the changes.

We should be getting more people involved in our democracy, not putting up barriers to taking part - or taking away voters' ability to express who they want as mayor.

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"Imposing First Past the Post is a step backwards for democracy"

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