After Boris Johnson’s scandal-prompting honours list, Liz Truss is readying her own resignation list. This would see those behind Truss’s 49-day premiership handed a job-for-life in parliament.

Image: CC BY-SA 2.0, adapted from work by UKinUSA from Washington, D.C. & Annabel Moeller, copyright House of Lords 2016

If Liz Truss is allowed a resignation honours list that packs the heaving Lords with even more peers, it will lay bare that there is no bar too low when it comes to who is given a job-for-life in Parliament.

It’s time to scrap this rotten system and replace the unelected Lords with a smaller elected chamber where the people of this country, not former prime ministers, choose who shape the laws we all live under.   

No prime minister should be able to appoint their friends to lord over us. No rewards for failure - Say no to Liz Truss's resignation honours >>

"There should be no rewards for failure"

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