How much is my vote worth?

It costs money to win elections. But how much is your vote worth to the parties? We’ve crunched the numbers to find out how much the parties were prepared to invest to get you to the polls in 2010.

What's your vote worth?

Campaign background

The funding scandals which have tainted all the big parties have involved a small number of big-name donors. But how is that money being spent? We have used publicly available data to show the different amounts of money spent by candidates in the 2010 election. The numbers show that when it comes to party spending at election time, all votes are NOT created equal. People who live in marginal seats have much more money spent on them than those who live in safe seats. And some voters in Britain are valued 22 times more than others.

Our research shows why we need to reform both the way parties are funded and the way we vote in our representatives at election time. The current systems for both party funding and general elections create an unequal playing field, where some voters are courted by the parties and others ignored.

How much is yours worth?

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